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Am I a Candidate?

Virtually anyone can benefit from regenerative medicine, which includes stem cell therapy and PRP therapy – two of the most conservative and effective ways to treat orthopedic conditions without the need for surgery. The goal of any orthopedic treatment is to get you back to the activities you enjoy without pain or disability, and stem cell therapy can make that happen faster than traditional methods.

People of all ages and activity levels can be candidates for these procedures. Even if you have been told you have no cartilage left in your joint, stem cell therapy can possibly reduce your pain and postpone your need for joint replacement surgery. Sometimes an injury or degenerative condition will still require surgical treatment because of the severity, but Dr. Meadows can include therapeutic injections of placental stem cells to support your body’s natural healing process.

Some patients come to us knowing stem cell therapy is the right treatment for them, because their doctor or another orthopedic surgeon referred them to us. Dr. Steve Meadows accepts patients with or without a referral, so call today to schedule an appointment.

There are some patients who are not good candidates for stem cell therapy including:

  • Patients with a cancer of the blood, such as lymphoma or leukemia, that is not in remission for at least 5 years
  • Patients with certain other cancers or blood diseases
  • Patients with any current infection
  • Patients who use Coumadin or blood thinners. If you take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen regularly, you may not be a candidate or may need to stop taking these for several days prior to treatment.
  • Patients with chronic illnesses may not be good candidates

Request a consultation online or call the Stem Cell Therapy Center (South Palm Ortho) in Delray Beach, Florida at (561) 496-6622 to find out of you are a candidate for stem cell therapy.

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The Stem Cell Therapy Center Advantage

Experience matters and not all stem cell therapies are created equal. Learn more now about the distinct advantages of having your treatment at the Stem Cell Therapy Center at South Palm Orthopedics.

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